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Polyimide Film Tape & Kapton Tape

3M 5419 Low Static Polyimide Film Tape Low static, which virtually eliminates circuit board degradation due to electrostatic discharge Thickness: 0.07mm Silicone adhesive Temperature use range: – 73 Degree C to 260 Degree C Used for PCB solder masking and other high temperature applications Polyimide film does not soften at elevated temperatures No adhesive residue, no … Continued

Tabbing Tape, Pick Up Tape, Pull Tape……What is the difference?

Tabbing Tape, Pick Up Tape and Pull Tape…we are referring to the same item. Market has given this item various names.   Tabbing Tape, Pick Up Tape and Pull Tape is a designed to ease the process of peel off the liner if double sided adhesive tape that has been bonded to the substrates. It … Continued