3M Automotive Acrylic Foam Tape……fulfill OEM specification……

Each Automotive OEM has their own specification and requirement for the acrylic foam tape as bonding and attachment solution. Please share with us about the project details and application for us to propose the suitable acrylic foam tape to you.


Product line: 3M Automotive Acrylic Foam Tape

3M GT7100 Series

  • 3M GT7102 (t: 0.2mm), 3M GT7104 (t: 0.4mm), 3M GT7108 (t: 0.8mm), GT7112 (t: 1.2mm), 3M GT7116 (t: 1.6mm), 3M GT7120 (t: 2.0mm), 3M GT7125 (t: 2.5mm)


3M RT8000 Series

  • 3M RT8002 (t: 0.2mm), 3M RT8004 (t: 0.4mm), 3M RT8008 (t: 0.8mm), 3M RT8012 (t: 1.2mm), 3M RT8016 (t: 1.6mm), 3M RT8020 (t: 2.0mm), 3M RT8025 (t: 2.5mm)


3M NT Series

  • 3M NT1608 (t: 0.8mm), 3M NT1612 (t: 1.2mm)


3M EC3500 Series

  • 3M EC3504 (t: 0.4mm), 3M EC3508 (t: 0.8mm), 3M EC3512 (t: 1.2mm)


3M RTA3000 Series

  • 3M RTA3002 (t: 0.2mm), 3M RTA3004 (t: 0.4mm), 3M RTA3008 (t: 0.8mm), 3M RTA3012 (t: 1.2mm), 3M RTA3016 (t: 1.6mm), 3M RTA3020 (t: 2.0mm), 3M RTA3025 (t: 2.5mm)



  • 3M 4229P (t: 0.76mm) , 3M 5067G (t: 0.8mm), 3M 5069G (t: 1.2mm), 3M 5661 (t: 0.8mm), 3M SF6608 (t: 0.8mm), 3M PT1100 (t: 1.14mm)



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