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Nitto EE-1010, EE-1010P, EE-1040, EE-1000……EPTSEALER EE-1000 series

Basic difference among EE-1000, EE-1010, EE-1010P and EE-1040:-       The above products are available in different thicknesses. Contact us for more details.     Click here for more information of Die Cut Foam & Rubber.       ¦ Nitto ¦ EPTSEALER ¦ EPT Sealer ¦ Nitto EE-1000 series ¦ EE-1010 ¦ EE-1010P … Continued

3M K520, 3M N200, 3M 94, 3M 4298 – Primer (Adhesion Promoter)

There are many types of Primer (Adhesion Promoter) to suit your application and requirement. Please refer to the relevant Data Sheet for more product information.   Data Sheet – 3M Primer K520 (PDF) Data Sheet – 3M Primer N200 (PDF) Data Sheet – 3M Primer 94 (PDF) Data Sheet – 3M Primer 4298 (PDF)   … Continued

3M Adhesive Remover, Citrus Based……You must know this cleaner

3M Adhesive Remover is ideal for the removal of adhesive residue or for surface preparation prior to use of adhesive and can be used for cleaning heavy oils, greases, silicone, tar and wax.   3M Adhesive Remover is compatible with virtually all metals, as well as many plastics and elastomers. It gives you effective cleaning … Continued

Tabbing Tape, Pick Up Tape, Pull Tape……What is the difference?

Tabbing Tape, Pick Up Tape and Pull Tape…we are referring to the same item. Market has given this item various names.   Tabbing Tape, Pick Up Tape and Pull Tape is a designed to ease the process of peel off the liner if double sided adhesive tape that has been bonded to the substrates. It … Continued

3M Box Sealing Tape

3M offers you many types of box sealing tapes to suit your application and requirement.   Please see the data sheets below for each product information:- 3M 305 – Data Sheet (PDF) 3M 313 – Data Sheet (PDF) 3M 371 – Data Sheet (PDF) 3M 375 – Data Sheet (PDF)  3M 640 – Data Sheet … Continued