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3M Bumpon Protective Products

3M Bumpon is commonly used as cushioning spacer, cushioning stop, gasketing, notebook computer non-skid feet, protective non-skid feet, surface protection, etc.   Please see below for the product range: For more information, please refer to Data Sheet (PDF).   Click here for more information of Die Cut Foam & Rubber.   Contact us for more … Continued

Nitto 685, Nitto 686, Nitto 686P & Nitto 687

NITTO EPTSEALER NO.685 Series are high-function foam sealing materials consisting of EPDM rubber foam with semi-closed cell structure offering the best durability and weather resistance of all general purpose rubber.   This series consists of Nitto 685, Nitto 686, Nitto 686P & Nitto 687. There are available in different thicknesses.     Click here for … Continued

3M Automotive Acrylic Foam Tape……fulfill OEM specification……

Each Automotive OEM has their own specification and requirement for the acrylic foam tape as bonding and attachment solution. Please share with us about the project details and application for us to propose the suitable acrylic foam tape to you.   Product line: 3M Automotive Acrylic Foam Tape 3M GT7100 Series 3M GT7102 (t: 0.2mm), … Continued

3M VHB Tape – GPH series (3M GPH-060GF, 3M GPH-110GF, 3M GPH-160GF)

3M™ VHB™ Tape GPH Series, a general-purpose, high temperature, grey, conformable, double-coated, acrylic foam tape with a high initial tack and a soft foam. Available in three different thicknesses with a 3M branded red siliconised polyethylene film liner.   3M GPH-060GF (Thickness: 0.6mm) 3M GPH-110GF (Thickness: 1.1mm) 3M GPH-160GF (Thickness: 1.6mm)   Features: Double-coated acrylic … Continued

3M 941, 3M 965, 3M 966, 3M 9461P, 3M 9641PC, 3M 9462P (Adhesive Transfer Tape)

Looking for Adhesive Transfer Tapes that could provide you the below? High Temperature Resistance Good Chemical Resistance   Here are the solutions for you. Please consider 3M Adhesive Transfer Tapes developed with 3M High Temperature Acrylic Adhesive 100.     Data Sheet (PDF) – 3M 941, 3M 965, 3M 966, 3M 9461P, 3M 9461PC, 3M 9462P Adhesive … Continued

3M 5530 Double Coated Acrylic Tape

3M 5530 Double Coated Acrylic Tape is a double coated acrylic tape. It has a high durability and it is used for car interior and exterior parts attachment. The tape thickness is thin which is 0.2 mm. It has a non-woven cloth base in the tape.   For more information, please refer to Data Sheet … Continued

Face Shield – Protect our face from splash, fluid & contaminant

Good news! Launching of Face Shield! Model: VAB FS 001-Strong (Blue)   VAB FS 001-Strong (Blue) face shield provides effective protection (against splash, fluid and contaminant) with stylish design. It is made by high-transparency Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) film with anti-fog coating and high grade of Polyurethane (PU) Foam. In addition, it is designed with trendy-looking … Continued

3M Thinsulate…sound-absorbing and thermal insulation nonwoven material

Below are some of the 3M Thinsulate for your option:- 3M SM200L, 3M SM400L, 3M SM600L, 3M TAI1590, 3M TAI2047, 3M TAI4047, 3M TAI3027, 3M TAI4027, 3M TC1503, 3M TC1803, 3M TC2203, 3M TC2303     Typical Applications of 3M Thinsulate:-     About 3M Thinsulate (more information…)         3M Thinsulate ¦ 3M SM200L ¦ 3M … Continued