Material for Die Cut: Nitto EPTSEALER EE-1000 Series

Nitto EPTSEALER EE-1000 series is one of the famous and popular foam product from Nitto. It is a semi-closed cell EPDM foam, which is suitable for sealing purpose. It gives you superior resistance to weather, heat, cold and chemical.



  • Superior durability and weather-resistance cold/heat test (-20°C to 100°C), and chemical resistance (acids and alkalis).
  • As compressive load (stress) is small, it will not deform the structure after filling in joints.
  • Easy to compress and apply.
  • Application and preservation easy as foam pieces do not fuse together.


Product line:

         √ EE-1000, EE-1010, EE-1010P and EE-1040



Data Sheet – Nitto EPTSEALER EE-1000 series (PDF) 


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