Flatbed Die Cutting

Flatbed Die Cutting is a stamping process used to shear a wide range of materials to the required shapes and sizes by using dies.


  • Know-how and skills are necessary to die cut different types of materials.
  • Can be full-cut or kiss-cut or combination of full-cut and kiss-cut.
  • Customer can use the die cut part immediately without further cutting process.


Convertible Materials:

√  Adhesive Tape, Felt, Film, Foam, Paperboard, Plastic Sheet, Rubber, Thinsulate, etc.



Die-Cut-Foam, Die-Cut-TapeDie-Cut---Thinsulate

Die-cut Tape ¦ Die-cut Adhesive Tape ¦ Die-cut Single Sided Tape ¦ Die-cut Double Sided Tape ¦ Die-cut Foam ¦ Die-cut Thinsulate ¦ Die-cut Felt ¦ Die-cut Fabric ¦ Die-cut Film ¦ Die-cut Reflective Sheet ¦ Die-cut Expert ¦ Die-cut Process ¦