Filament Tape

Filament Tape, also known as strapping tape, is a type of single sided adhesive tape that reinforced by strong filaments. The strong reinforcement by the embedded polypropylene or glass yarn filaments provide the excellent holding power and durability.


  • Ideal for strapping, bundling and reinforcing.
  • Excellent initial adhesion and long-term holding power on the packaging. The box sealed and strapped by filament tape remain closed for long period of time.
  • There is filament tape designed with bi-directional glass yarn filament that provides strength in both direction.
  • There is also filament tape designed with adhesive that offer clean removal on the applied surfaces.


Product line:

         √  3M 893, 3M 898, 3M 8915, 3M 8934, etc


For more production information, please see below:-

3M 893 – Data Sheet (PDF)

3M 898 – Data Sheet (PDF)

3M 8915 – Data Sheet (PDF)

3M 8934 – Data Sheet (PDF)




FILAMENT 2, 3M 893, 3M 898, 3M 8915, 3M 8934