Double Coated Tissue Tape

Double Coated Tissue Tape is a thin version of double sided adhesive tape that using tissue as the carrier of adhesive.

  • Offer thin bonding line and dimensional stability at the same time.
  • Easy-to-tear manually.
  • Ideal for the applications that require lamination and die-cutting.
  • Used to bond many types of foam materials to many types of substrates.


Product Line:

        √  3M 9448A, 3M 9448HKW, 3M 9480, 3M 9599, Nitto 500, Nitto 501L, 

            Nitto 512M, Sekisui 5782, etc



DOUBLE COATED TISSUE TAPE 2, 3M 9448, 3M 9480, 3M 9599, Nitto 500, Nitto 501L, Nitto 5000NS,