3M Thinsulate

Thinsulate is a type of sound-absorbing and thermal insulation nonwoven material. It is composed of polyester fibres and polypropylene fibres.


Features of Thinsulate:-

  • High sound absorption
  • Light weight
  • Workability
  • Hydrophobic
  • Flame resistance and heat resistance.


There are various thicknesses, weights and densities to suit your applications and requirements. And, it may come with adhesive tape for it to be attached to your part.


The edge of Thinsulate can be sealed by our heat seal press process. Sealed edge offers you fine edge line, stability of the material and great aesthetic appearance.


It is used in many automotive applications such as door trim, fender liner, floor, headliner, hood, instrument panel, pillar stuffer, rear parcel shelf and trunk liner.



Product Line:

        √  3M SM200L, 3M SM400L, 3M SM600L

        √  3M TAI1590, 3M TAI2047, 3M TAI4047, 3M TAI3027, 3M TAI4027

        √  3M TC1503, 3M TC1803, 3M TC2203, 3M TC2303



THINSULATE, 3M SM200L, SM 400L, TAI1590, TAI 2047, TAI 4027, TAI 4047, TC1503, TC1803, TC2203, TC2303.