Masking Tape

Masking Tape is made of a thin backing material and an easily released adhesive. The backing materials could be crepe paper, flat-back paper, polypropylene film, polyester film or vinyl film.

  • Easily removed without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the surface of substrates.
  • Used in the painting process to mask off area that should not be painted.
  • Some masking tapes stand very high temperature without deformation of tape and leaving adhesive residue to the applied part.
  • Some masking tapes provide good conformability. Thus, the masking task at curve area can be done easily.
  • Sharp paint edge and fine line can be achieved in painting result by selecting the right type of masking tape.
  • Used for holding, splicing, sealing and bundling applications as well.



Product Line:

         √ 3M 218, 3M 244, 3M 850, 3M 5413, 3M 5419, 3M 5433,

            3M 8901, 3M 8902, 3M 8905, etc



Data Sheet – 3M 218 Fine Line Masking Tape (PDF) 

Data Sheet – 3M 244 Masking Tape (PDF)

Data Sheet – 3M 850 Polyester Tape (PDF)

Data Sheet – 3M 5413 Polyimide Film Tape Kapton Tape (PDF)

Data Sheet – 3M 5419 Low Static Polyimide Film Tape (PDF)

Data Sheet – 3M 5433 Low Static Polyimide Film Tape (PDF)

Data Sheet – 3M 8901, 3M 8902, 3M 8905 Polyester Tape (PDF)










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