3M Adhesive Remover & Citrus Base Cleaner

Adhesive Remover and Citrus Based Cleaner is aerosol-type cleaners that perform very well in removal of grease, dirt, oil, silicone, tar, wax and adhesive residue on many substrates.

  • Compatible with metals and many plastics.
  • Ideal for the surface preparation prior to painting, bonding, coating or further processing of parts.
  • The aerosol can is small enough to fit into most tool boxes.
  • Exhibit a pleasant citrus odor as opposed to the harsh chemical smells from other conventional cleaners.
  • Make the cleaning no longer a tough job.
  • Directions for use:-
    • Thoroughly spray and coat adhesive remover on the contaminated surfaces.
    • Wait a few minutes to allow for maximum penetration and loosening action.
    • Use a scraper or wipe with a clean cloth.
    • Repeat the above steps when substance to be removed is too thick until satisfactory level.