Masking Tape……3M 218, 3M 244, 3M 471, 3M 850, 3M 5413, 3M 8901, 3M 8902 & 3M 8905

When people talk about masking tape, they normally refer to the masking tape which is made of paper as its backing. In fact, paper masking is only one type of the masking tapes. There are other masking tapes which use polypropylene film, polyester film, polyimide film and vinyl film as its backing.


Below are some of the masking tapes for your selection:-


3M 218

Backing: Polypropylene film;  Adhesive: Rubber; Thickness: 0.12mm

3M 218 has specially processed film backing that can stretch easily for smooth curves, yet can be easily torn by hand with a quick tearing action. The film backing will allow taping over fresh paint jobs sooner than paper tapes with less chance of imprint damage. • On the other hand, it offer excellent moisture and solvent resistance.


3M 244

Backing: Paper;  Adhesive: Acrylic; Thickness: 0.08mm

3M 244 will not give adhesive residue for temperature up to 150 deg C for 30 minutes. And, it does not break when peeling off, but can be easily torn by hand.

Provide good paint line, good handling, helps resist paint bleed through, paint flaking resistance, adheres easily, clean removal from most masking surfaces.


3M 471 and 3M 4712

Backing: Vinyl;  Adhesive: Rubber; Thickness: 0.14mm

3M Vinyl Tape 471 and 4712 are a conformable colored (yellow, red, black, white, green, blue, purple, orange, brown and transparent) tapes made from vinyl backing with rubber adhesive. They are ideal for many lane and safety markings, color coding, abrasion protection, masking, sealing, splicing and other general purpose applications.

3M Vinyl Tape 4712 is a linered version of 3M vinyl tape 471 that may be used for die cutting or large area applications.

Data Sheet (PDF) – 3M 471 & 3M 4712 Vinyl Tape / PVC Tape


3M 850

Backing: Polyester film;  Adhesive: Acrylic; Thickness: 0.05mm

3M Polyester Film Tape 850 can generally be used for splicing and applications where chemical resistance and/or clean removal is necessary. Its polyester backing resists tearing and protects surfaces from abrasion and rough handling. High temperature resistance enables this tape to perform in high temperature operations.


3M 5413

Backing: Polyimide film;  Adhesive: Silicone; Thickness: 0.07mm


3M 8901

Backing: Polyester film;  Adhesive: Silicone; Thickness: 0.06mm


3M 8902

Backing: Polyester film;  Adhesive: Silicone; Thickness: 0.08mm


3M 8905

Backing: Polyester film;  Adhesive: Silicone; Thickness: 0.16mm



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