Face Shield

Face Shield is important to protect our face from hazards such as splash, fluid, dust, flying dirt, etc.


Our good quality VAB FS 001-Strong (Blue) face shield provides effective protection with stylish design. It is made by high-transparency Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) film with anti-fog coating and high grade of Polyurethane (PU) Foam. In addition, the trendy-looking design and motivative wordings enhance the experience of wearing.



Unlike other typical-design face shield, VAB FS 001-Strong (Blue) is superior with its extraordinary features below:-

  1. Comfortable forehead pad & stylish design
  2. Foldable with interlock and easy-hang system
  3. Flexible & adjustable elastic band


Extraordinary features of VAB FS 001-Strong (Blue) face shield


Key Features of VAB FS 001-Strong (Blue) face shield:

  • High transparency visor with anti-fog layer allows clear vision
  • Enough space between visor and face
  • The visor design fits the face profile perfectly
  • Optimum size & shape of visor allows flexibility of head movement
  • Forehead pad with comfortable softness
  • Foldable & lockable features minimize the exposure of internal surface while the face shield is not in use
  • Flexible & adjustable head band suits both adult and kids
  • Stylish shape of face shield with designated space to write the user name
  • Light weight which provides comfortable feeling even after long hours use

Introduction: Face Shield, Model: VAB FS 001 Series




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