Automotive Acrylic Foam Tape

Automotive Acrylic Foam Tape is a specific double sided adhesive tape that fulfil automotive OEM’s specification requirements on bonding strength and quality performance. It is ideal to be used as bonding and attachment solution for automotive exterior and interior parts.


  • Excellent weather resistance and durable
  • High flexibility
  • High temperature resistance
  • Superior adhesion strength
  • Suitable for many substrates
  • Used for the bumper, cladding, door visor, emblem, fender flare, skirt, scuff plate, side molding, side sill, spoiler and weather-strip.


Product line :

        √  3M GT7100 Series 

            3M GT7102, 3M GT7104, 3M GT7108, 3M GT7112, 

            3M GT7116, 3M GT7120, 3M GT7125

            Data Sheet – 3M GT7100 Series Acrylic Foam Tape (PDF)



        √  3M RT8000 Series

            3M RT8002, 3M RT8004, 3M RT8008, 3M RT8012, 3M RT8016,

            3M RT8020, 3M RT8025

            Data Sheet – 3M RT8000 Series Acrylic Foam Tape (PDF)



        √  3M RTA3000 Series

            3M RTA3002, 3M RTA3004, 3M RTA3008, 3M RTA3012,

            3M RTA3016, 3M RTA3020, 3M RTA3025 

            Data Sheet – 3M RTA3000 Series Acrylic Foam Tape (PDF)


        √  Others

            3M 4229P, 3M 5661, 3M EX4011, 3M EX4015, 3M GT7198,

            3M SF6608, 3M PT1100, etc.






Automotive Acrylic Foam Tape-Typical Application






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